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Gaby Aschwanden

Gaby Aschwanden

Positive Psychology


Meet Gaby Aschwanden: a passionate advocate for life, a dedicated positive psychology coach, a devoted yogini, and a prolific writer.

Gaby’s journey has been one of relentless curiosity, driven by a desire to optimize her existence and amplify joy. Embarking on numerous globetrotting adventures, she explored diverse philosophies and practices before finding her heart’s resonance with yoga. In 2007, she completed her 200-hour Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher Training, deepening her practice with over 300 hours under the tutelage of her main inspiration, Shiva Rea. This profound connection to yoga and her thirst for exploration led her to Bali for an immersive 1 1⁄2 year experience in 2008.

Returning to the corporate realm, Gaby’s fascination with the mind-body connection propelled her towards further studies. She spent a transformative year under the guidance of renowned Harvard Professor Tal Ben-Shahar, delving into the science of Wellbeing & Positive Psychology. This journey culminated in her earning a certificate in the “Science of Happiness” from UC Berkeley. Additionally, she attained mastery in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) & Integral Coaching, alongside dual certificates in Positive Psychology Coaching. Gaby also shares her expertise as an instructor in Yoga Nidra, a profound relaxation technique.

Currently, Gaby is weaving her multifaceted skills into the realm of sustainable investments, working diligently in a bank to foster positive change. Her vision is to synthesize her diverse
disciplines into accessible tools for today’s fast-paced world. Her workshops embody a holistic approach, aimed at fostering greater well-being globally. With a mission to inspire and empower others to live authentically and joyfully, she resides in Zurich, Switzerland, with Bali serving as her spiritual sanctuary. Currently, Gaby is fervently penning a book on joy, eager to unveil its wisdom to the world.

This year, she’ll be facilitating a workshop with Daphne Tse.

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