Ubud, Bali May 4-7, 2023

Yoga Dance Music Healing

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Greg Kaps

Greg Kaps

Pranayama, Sound & Kundalini

Canada / Bali

Greg is a sensitive, creative and earth conscious spirit by nature. When he found yoga, it was like coming home. Greg spent years traveling and teaching worldwide, taught over 9,000 public classes, led international workshops, trainings, and maintains a devoted self practice and commitment to personal inquiry and growth. He has completed the 500 E-RYT.

Based in Ubud, Greg is a respected full time teacher at The Yoga Barn and had been a part of the Balispirit Festivsl family since its inception.
Rooted in Classical Hatha, and influenced by many styles and beloved gurus; his classes are fun, focused, and very naturally flowing; lightheartedly exploring and embracing our shared humanness. Greg is also a seasoned and passionate musician and Kirtanist, having lead charity Kirtans for years. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself in a “cirque de soliel” pose one minute, then busting over in ridiculous group laughter or a blissful a singalong the next! Greg also brings pranayama and meditation into each class providing a truly balanced, grounded and holistic experience.

Greg’s current philosophy: “Life is a Divine Leela (play); Let’s embrace our differences, support each other through the challenges, learn how to laugh at ourselves, and have gratitude for the gift of life around us.”


Experience Greg’s Workshops here:

‘A life with less resistance’
Santosha, the conscious practice of contentment.

This is a foundational talk and integrated practice explaining how the sentiment of ‘acceptance’ is the pillar of a life lived with more gratitude, more presence, and experiencing a deeper & lasting ‘inner peace’ amidst all the ups and downs in life.


Pranayama 101 – A Foundation for Yogic Breathing

Our state of consciousness is intimately connected to how we breath and the balanced flow of Prana in the subtle energetic system.

Yogic Pranayama techniques help us to energize ourselves, calm the nervous system, release excess stress, ground us, balance emotions, and give greater awareness and mental clarity.

This practice reviews and explains 4 of the foundational yogic pranayama techniques which ultimately give us greater ease of presence throughout life.


WAKE UP! Morning Kundalini Yoga

An uplifting Kundalini Yoga practice to unwind the bodies tensions, wake up our energy, clear the pranic channels and leave us feeling alive, connected and open to receive the day.


Heartful Hatha

A hatha yoga practice with the emphasis on integrating the question, ‘How can I have more kindness with myself, and others’. Practice from the heart.


Kirtan for the Heart

A harmonious celebration of life and shared spirit through the group singing of spiritually uplifting and healing mantras set to simple, beautiful and heartful melodies. Ommmmm yaaaaa