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Hubert Muehlbacher

Hubert Muehlbacher

Hangab Sessions & Bhakti


Growing up in Vienna, Hubert was studying architecture when injuries and life signals awakened his calling to find healing and answers. He began to study complementary medicine, became a yoga teacher, learnt various bodywork methods and energetic healing techniques. He followed his calling to go to South America to live with shamans for a year and started to travel more and more to places of old knowledge in order to learn what all these different teachings have in common.

His todays work is inspired by tools he learnt and spiritual practices he uses. In single sessions he loves to work with the inversion therapy “Hangab“, where letting go can be experienced in the old medicine of hanging upside down. In group sessions he loves to make music and sing in circles. His workshops are about forgiveness and passing knowledge of our true self… remembering who we really are.

This year Hubert will be co-presenting Hangab Sessions & Bhakti with Hartmut Bez and Team and have a Coco Love Stage performance with his band Rising Souls

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