Bali Spirit Festival, Ubud Bali May 7-11th, 2025

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Dr. Jinju Dasalla

Dr. Jinju Dasalla

Neuroscientist & NaiAsana™


Dr. Jinju Dasalla, Ph.D., RYT, aka The Goddess Brain Doctor, is a neuroscientist, coach, healer, educator, author, holistic entrepreneur, mother, yogini, fire dancer, Dakini poi priestess, and lover of Nature, on a mission to share the medicine of flow and inspire the awakening, honoring, and celebration of the divine feminYin wisdom within all beings.

Dr. Dasalla is the co-founder of NaiAsa Institute where she directs training and educational programs based in the pillars of Science, Soul, and Soma. These programs include women’s coaching journeys and teacher trainings for NaiAsana™️ yoga and NeuroSomatic Flow™️, a healing modality utilizing flow props to re-pattern and restore not only the brain and the nervous system, but also one’s entire life.

In addition to leading transformational journeys and retreats since 2012, she has presented, performed and taught at multiple conferences and festivals around the globe and was featured in Elle, after her successful debut of sharing the Medicine of Flow at Wanderlust.

Dr. Dasalla has advised and lectured within several organizations, often helping to establish curriculum for neuroscience, biological sciences, and flow arts. These organizations include Naropa University, Dusquene University, Penn State College of Medicine, University of North Carolina, the Neurosculpting Institute, and Hawaii Yoga Institute.

She is based in Bali, Indonesia, with her husband and their 8-year-old son, where they are building a retreat sanctuary and tending the Saraswati Seva Project to help empower the women and families of Bali

This is Jinju’s second year teaching at the Festival, you can see her schedule here