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Joe Crossley

Joe Crossley

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Joe Crossley has been in and around the leading edge of the new media art movement since 2006. In 2009 his personal work GEO-GLO marked his arrival on the art scene with Intel’s “The Creators Project” and VIVID Sydney.

Since then his works have branched out into augmented reality, projection mapping, technical installations, 3D printing, advanced architecture and code based data visualisations.

Working with indigenous communities of Australia, his VIVID Path to the Future project was a widely celebrated projection mapping film festival supporting indigenous culture at the USYD campus. He is one of the only light artists in the world represented by Epson Projectors and Seiko and has long running positions in academic facilities (USYD/UNSW) and R&D aspects of new media art including published works with the British Computer Science Society. 2016 and 2017 saw the creation of multi-award winning works for the Samsung X Sydney Opera House Sound and Vision and Intel Sound Cells.

He completed his first TEDx Talk in May 2017 on his work in projection mapping as well as ground breaking projects in the US for Burning Man setting his place internationally is a disruptive figure in the world of leading edge new media art.

2018 saw Joe deliver the first ever large scale media installation on “The Man” at Burning Man receiving many awards and accolades for his inclusive work that attracted submissions from 15 countries and over 150 different artistic collaborators. His ability to drive collaborative, ground breaking projects is second to none and he is know for forming globally elite working groups.

Late 2018 also saw works with Warner Bros, Village Roadshow, Enriched Media, Universal, Paramount as well as an incredible new installation with Arcadia at Glastonbury Festival (see image). In 2021 and 2022 Joe has branched out to music technology with stunning installations with Human Traffic Live, Live Nation, EU council for media art, MTV, and the Rolling Stones.

In 2023 Joe is launching ground breaking tech art infrastructure with AWS and new site specific installations internationally.

See his schedule, here

Watch Joe’s Tedx Talk from 2017: