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Karina Kalilah

Karina Kalilah

Sound Healing & Breathwork


“I share the wisdom I have discovered through the modalities of healing I have studied, experienced & embodied over the past 15 years, so that we can all be empowered and live this existence fully activated. Empowering you to achieve your dreams, to play BIG in all ways in life, and to love and accept yourself in all your light and your dark. This is my calling.”

~ Karina Kalilah


Karina Kalilah embodies a deep dedication to the transformative work she shares with her global community. Her journey into Rebirthing Breathwork & Sound Healing began following the onset of moderate hearing loss in both ears, propelling her into a profound healing process to alleviate stress.

With over 17 years of experience in transformative healing spaces, Karina utilizes the modalities of Rebirthing Breathwork, Vibrational Sound Healing, Voice Activation & Ecstatic Dance DJ-ing to curate impactful & transformative workshops, retreats, and training. She offers a secure & nurturing environment for individuals to explore their subconscious realm, rewrite old narratives, release past trauma, transcend limiting beliefs, rediscover a consistent state of presence and flow, and rediscover the language of self love.

As a certified breathworker accredited by the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance, and the visionary & founder behind the Embodied Breath Academy, Karina is passionate about sharing her expertise in Breathwork from a Trauma-Informed perspective. She empowers you to embark on your own unique healing journey, reminding you that you are your own healer, and you can uncover truth of who you really are.

Karina will be co-teaching with Jane Anthony


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