Ubud, Bali May 4-7, 2023

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Leah Santa Cruz

Leah Santa Cruz

Meditation & Intimacy Coach

USA / Bali

Leah Santa Cruz is a Meditation Teacher specializing in helping people live better futures by improving their mood, habits, sleep, stress levels and focus.
Her background started in neuroscience and psychology followed by a decade working in fast-paced careers for Microsoft and tech startups. After experiencing burnout and anxiety in the corporate world, meditation became her path to healing.

Leah’s now the Head of Meditation and Coach on the award-winning, Balance Meditation App – awarded Google’s “App of the Year 2021” and Forbes’ “Best New Meditation App of 2022”. She’s also the co-host of the ‘Well Balanced’ podcast. She has completed the E-RYT 500.

With a nurturing demeanor grounded in science, Leah makes meditation accessible. Her techniques have helped millions worldwide to strip away years of stress, restore their energy and zest for life, and strengthen their relationships to themselves and others.

Leah teaches weekly at The Yoga Barn in Ubud.


Experience Leah’s Workshop below:

Meet Your Future Self

Grounded in neuroscience, quantum physics and ancient wisdom traditions – this meditation’s designed to shift your consciousness so you can visualize, meet and communicate with your future self.

People report great clarity from this practice. Becoming deeply aware of what’s most important, what to focus on and what to let go of.

Every class dials into new areas, such as relationships, career and self-esteem. You’ll see the unbelievable possibilities of who you can become. With continued practice, you’ll begin to rewire neural pathways and subconscious beliefs, build better habits and unleash your gifts.

Experience how the power of meditation can guide you into a beautiful new future.