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Marlia Coeur

Marlia Coeur

High Frequency Vocal Activation

Cyprus / Greece

Marlia Coeur is a world-class vocalist, guitar virtuoso and composer. The Cyprus-born indie music artist and multi-instrumentalist radiates a charismatic high frequency in all her offerings.

Since releasing her solo album ‘Ode to Self’ in 2017, she has taken her craft to the farthest corners of the globe, reactivating & uplifting audiences with her boundless energy.

She is blending her unique spiritual journey with exquisite artistry and connects the listeners to their heart.

Marlia offers a truly unique sound experience and allows the listener to escape the mind and to travel between dimensions.

With pianist & drummer Esh Loh, she formed the explosive Indie duet ThyLight and performs ecstatic concerts in European cathedrals and global festivals.

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