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Masumi Chakra Ma & Hiroyuki Matsuhisa

Masumi Chakra Ma & Hiroyuki Matsuhisa

Chakra Work


Masumi Chakra Ma

Masumi is a visionary founder of Chakra Work, who began her journey as a yoga teacher in 2002. With a profound passion for spiritual growth and self-discovery, she has made the lush landscapes of Ubud, Bali, her home since 2012. Masumi’s transformative journey took a significant turn in 2009 when she was blessed with direct teachings and Diksha in Kriya and meditation by the revered Siddha Master, Mahayogi Babaji, in the sacred Himalayas of Uttarakashi. Drawing from this profound encounter and her rich tapestry of experiences,

Masumi has dedicated her life to empowering others. Through her unique blend of Chakra Work, she has enlightened over 30,000 individuals, guiding them towards their own paths of spiritual awakening and holistic wellness. Masumi is set to grace the Bali Spirit Festival, where she will share her deep insights and transformative practices, offering attendees a chance to explore the depths of their being and embrace their fullest potential.

Hiroyuki Matsuhisa

Hiroyuki is residing in Bali, a Japanese musician and singer-songwriter known for his masterful integration of a wide array of musical instruments and sounds, including the satvik veena, electronic music, the kalimba, djembe, and guitar. His profound journey into the realm of music is particularly marked by his study of the satvik veena, a unique instrument that harmonizes the rich melodies of the sitar with the versatility of the guitar, under the tutelage of its creators, Grammy-winning Hindustani classical musicians Vishwa Mohan Bhatt and his son, Salil Bhatt.

Additionally, Hiroyuki teaches kirtan, yoga philosophy, and coaching within the Chakra Work, integrating his musical talents with spiritual and personal growth. This unique blend of diverse musical genres with spirituality offers a holistic approach to personal development and wellness.

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