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Organic downtempo, house / disco, funk, melodic house / Ecstatic Dance


Maya is Ukrainian nomadic Ecstatic Dance DJ & facilitator, co-founder & art-director of Ecstatic Circle project.
She is free diver, Water Dance guide, body therapist and workshop leader

Together with her partners they founded Ecstatic Circle team in 2020. They organize Ecstatic Dance events in Sinai. Traveling the world, playing other countries, collaborating and inviting musicians to perform in Egypt, MaYa is mixing up with people from other cultures, spreading the beauty of sober conscience dance events and developing this culture wherever she goes.

Maya felt in love with Ecstatic Dance idea during first visit of Goa, India in 2017. Since that time she helps to grow Ecstatic Dance everywhere she goes. Being professional body therapist she facilitate movement and water dance classes, bodyworks, playing like a DJ.

Maya performs as Ecstatic Dance DJ & facilitator on the international stages around Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Her main focus is on wellbeing sober events such Ecstatic Dance, Conscious Clubbing, yoga, movement, tantra gatherings etc

Being extremely passionate about music she fluently surf between electronic and instrumental music genres, delivering unique mood, flavour and energy for every situation.

She perfoms as multy genres DJ at the parties and fesivals as well giving her preferences to disco, funky, electro house, indie dance, organic techno and downtempoo music.



By nature, it’s written in our genetic memory that we know how to dance, sing and swim. We may forget or lose touch of this idea but it’s Maya’s work to help people reconnect with themselves in awakening the curiosity of our natural movements. Most importantly, finding the inner source of joy and pleasures of the human experience.
MaYa believes that all Humans have evolved to live in community…tribes, if you will… And that’s something that she attempts to bring into and work on at all her events. She aims to foster and cultivate a genuine community of like minded souls and wonderful genuine connections.

Ecstatic Dance is the way to recreate primal tradition of humanity to dance together as one tribe sharing experience and all kind of emotions with each other.


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