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Melody Henry

Melody Henry

The Metal Yogi


Melody Henry, born and raised in Brooklyn, NYC, is a 500-hour RYT with over 700 hours of yoga-related study who has been practicing yoga since 1992 and teaching since 2002. Her specialty is Creative Vinyasa and she approaches yoga from the inside out, focusing on the breath and the place where breath and movement come together to create a harmony that raises us to a higher vibration. Coming from a particularly dark upbringing, Melody truly believes that ignoring or burying our past trauma can lead to mental and even physical illness, and so we must acknowledge and embrace our dark side in order to heal and get through to the light.

Melody holds unlikely classes combining things like yoga classes in the dark set to black metal music at a bar in Brooklyn, to lectures on the Chakra system, to dharma talks that make us take a serious look at the things that have hurt us in order to heal and often uses mantras and mudras as a way of dispelling negativity. Trauma, abuse, depression and anxiety all live in the body as well as the mind, and they must be dealt with in order to move on to a brighter place in one’s life. Melody has helped countless people to replace the negativity in their lives with positivity and hopes to do so for as long as she walks this earth.

Melody is a certified Reiki therapist, sometimes incorporating crystal healing into the practice and also teaches other forms of body movement in classes and in privates. She also teaches Sanskrit at 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training programs and has been reading tarot cards for select clients for over 20 years.

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