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Melvin Hart

Melvin Hart

Intuitive Coach & Healer


Melvin Hart is a multifaceted healer and spiritual guide with a vast array of experience in consciousness development, shamanism, and integration.

As a Neuromuscular Therapist,LMT, and CPT, Melvin combines his physical and spiritual knowledge to help people reach the apex of their being, bridging the gap between science and spirit.

Beyond his formal training, Melvin has mentored countless people in shamanism and is a co-founder of the Yin on Yang Academy. He creates courses about health and integrated wellness, sharing his unique perspective on how to achieve optimal mental, spiritual, and physical health.

With a deep respect for the power of plant medicine, Melvin has participated in well over 300+ ceremonies and completed various dietas in the jungles and mountains of Peru. He recognizes that integration is a crucial part of the healing process and has made it his mission to assist people in navigating these non-linear spaces.

Melvin’s work as a shamanic medicine practitioner and healer has allowed him to work with people from around the world, helping them in their healing and integration process.

Through intuitive coaching, support, accountability, and directed intention, he believes that all potentials can be reached, and all blockages can be cleared.

Melvin continues to honor the lineage of his ancestors and bring his unique perspective on consciousness development and shamanism to people across the globe.


Experience Melvin’s seminar below:

Shamanism in the Modern Age

Join me for a thought-provoking 60-minute talk where we will explore the paradox of the modern-day medicine man and the history of shamanism’s implications in the modern age. We’ll delve into an updated view of traditional practices and rituals, and how they are necessary for creating a new paradigm for how we view plants as medicine in today’s world. I’ll provide insight into what shamanism is and my personal philosophy on everything from microdosing to the heroic dose. We’ll also discuss beginning the journey of working with plants, precautions to take, questions to ask a medicine practitioner, ceremonial guidelines, and most importantly, how to integrate these insights, downloads, and expansive experiences into the material world and our everyday lives. Throughout the talk, we’ll examine how bridging the gap between science and spirituality is vital in today’s world and how we can ground ourselves while expanding our consciousness. We’ll also explore the five essential questions you should ask your practitioner to ensure a safe and successful journey. My goal is to offer a grounded approach to accessing consciousness, expanding on tradition, and taking a modern approach to ancient practices. We’ll explore the limitless potential of our consciousness and how we can integrate non linear states of consciousness into a bigger system of wellness. This is a question and answer session, so come with an open mind and a willingness to learn.


Prison to Passion

Join me as I share my personal journey towards finding purpose and meaning in the midst of adversity. Growing up mixed race and not belonging anywhere, I struggled to find acceptance and made choices that landed me in prison. It was there that I learned the importance of assimilation and accommodation, adapting to survive in an abnormal environment. But upon release, I found myself unprepared for the reality of being back in society, struggling with PTSD and bitterness.

Through trial and error, I discovered the power of experience as a teacher, and found my passion through service and transmuting negative emotions into positive energy. I learned to give meaning to my suffering by the way I responded to it, finding sources of meaning in work, love, and courage during difficult times.

Join me as we explore the internal struggle we all face, and discover how to unlock our own potential for self-mastery. Let’s embrace the chaos together and find our own paths towards purpose and fulfillment