Bali Spirit Festival, Ubud Bali May 7-11th, 2025

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Ngurah Sudana

Ngurah Sudana

Esalen Massage


Ngurah is a native Balinese healer and gifted massage therapist. Combining his intuitive touch with Esalen® Bodywork, his massages unite the traditional long flowing strokes of Esalen® with the magic of Balinese energy healing to heal through touch.

Ngurah earned his Esalen® Bodywork certification over 15 years ago and has been assisting in teaching annual Esalen® training certifications in Bali ever since. He has deepened his talents in numerous advanced and specialized certifications across Hatha yoga and massage, and leads training at several spas in Bali.

An incredibly talented healer, blessed with a natural therapeutic touch, Ngurah’s heals the body but also connects to the spirit and soul of those who find themselves on his table to work with deeper emotional problems. He delivers the art of massage and his work comes from deep within his soul, transporting healing energy from his heart into his hands to heal through touch.

Ngurah offers private sessions in the healing area during the festival, and will be doing Esalen Massage demo sessions with another incredible Balinese healer, Phonik Angel.

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To book sessions with Ngurah, visit him on the YogaBarn website