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Nina Taumberger

Nina Taumberger

Women's Cycle Coach


Nina is a registered naturopath and has been in the health & wellness industry for over 17 years. Her holistic health journey led her down the path of studying many holistic healing modalities as well as many years of teaching yoga and women’s cycle coaching.

She is deeply passionate about helping clients achieve their health, wellness, and mindset goals.
She has a nurturing and caring approach to all her sessions, allowing her clients to feel nurtured, heard & held. She creates safe healing spaces that allow everyone to feel welcome and deeply supported in their transformation.

She has a natural gift of teaching women an embodied way of living and empowering them to be the leader of their own lives.

Nina believes that when women connect to their cyclical nature, work with it rather than against it, they are powerful beyond measure.

Nina offers sessions and hosts wellness retreats regularly at the YogaBarn.

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