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Ubud, Bali March 29-April 4, 2021

Persia Juliet

Persia Juliet

Yin and Planetary Vinyasa


Persia Juliet is a teacher trainer and retreats host, specialized in Yin & Planetary Vinyasa.
Her passion for teaching is greatly influenced by energetic anatomy, emotions and organs, astrology and lunar cycles. She loves creative sequencing and poetic theming to topics such as the Deities, Chakras, Meridians and the Elements.
At the age of 22 her journey began into the holistic arts. Persia Juliet trained in a holistic college and became a certified herbalist, specialized in herbs and medicine making. After that she went on to study at CSNN and became a certified natural nutritionist.
In 2005 she took her first yoga teacher training in L.A. From sharing the 1st class, she was in absolute awe of the speed in which transformation can occur with the practices of yoga. She left her job selling herbs and giving nutritional advice and immediately dove into fulltime yoga teaching. After leaving Canada in 2006 she went on to teach in Aotearoa and Australia for 10yrs. During this time Persia Juliet furthered her education with Baptist, Les Leventhal, Ana Forrest and Sarah Powers Yin training.
After 14 years of sharing yoga, she still feels like a new student ice skating on the tip of a most magnificent iceberg. There’s so much knowledge and wisdom yet to be experienced and explored. Persia Juliet looks forward to sharing the journey with you.
Currently living in Bali, she is part of the teacher training team at Radiantly Alive, running monthly Yin and Lunar cycle workshops and offering international yoga retreats.
And so, it continues to begin!

For more information about Persia Juliet, see: www.persiajuliet.com