Yoga Dance Music

Ubud, Bali April 5-April 10, 2022

Rebecca Pflaum

Rebecca Pflaum

Kundalini Inspired Chakra Ma Yoga


Rebecca is an internationally admired Kundalini Yoga inspired teacher whose classes are an experiential explosion of music, sweat, stillness, and energy that will open your heart and leave you overflowing with bliss!  Her classes are joyful and uplifting, offering a dynamic blend of breathing, movement, postures, meditation, mantras, mudras and relaxation. This sacred science of yoga enables us to tap into our vast reservoirs of potential to feel abundantly creative, live graciously and gratefully! For 30 years she has been sharing what has empowered and made her life richer and more meaningful in her home and around the world.  Rebecca is now living in beautiful New Zealand, creating a new sanctuary for experiencing the abundant healing Nature there, offering an exceptionally sweet spot for retreats, homestays, “forest bathing” and celebrating the simple life.

Rebecca is also a proud Mama of four sons, who have been her greatest teachers.

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For more information about Rebecca, see: www.chakrama.com