Bali Spirit Festival, Ubud Bali May 7-11th, 2025

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Rebecca Pflaum

Rebecca Pflaum

Kundalini Shakti Yoga

Asia / USA

Rebecca has been living, breathing and teaching the joy of movement, dance and yoga for over 30 years, travelling extensively internationally to share her lifes’ experiences, found wisdom, passions for truth and Beauty.

Her journey with Yoga began in 1994 after the birth of her 4th son. She found herself in crippling physical pain throughout her back, hips and neck. Kundalini Yoga was the most transformational and powerful gift she received to recover and reclaim her body, mind and spirit. In turn, she responded to the calling to share this powerful technology with others and has since led many retreats and workshops around the world, including every year at the Bali Spirit Festival, Milan Yoga Festival, Evolution Asia Yoga Conference, Namaste Festival and more. For 6 years Rebecca owned and shared her beautiful retreat centre in Ubud Bali where she hosted teachers and students from every corner of our planet.

Rebecca’s classes are joyful and uplifting, as she keeps it real ,offering a dynamic blend of breathing, movement, postures, meditation, mantras, mudras and relaxation. Her classes empower you to tap into your vast reservoirs of potential to feel abundantly creative, live graciously and gratefully!

Rebecca is once again living in Bali, one of her many Asian based homes throughout her life. She teaches at Yoga Barn Link Yoga Barn and offers nourishing classes, retreats and immersions. Rebecca is also a grateful Mama of four sons, who have been her greatest teachers.

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