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Ritual Frequencies

Ritual Frequencies

DJ, Producer


Ritual Frequencies is a pioneering DJ, producer, and event label owner, leading the charge in the thrilling new wave of electronic music. His unique blend of Afro- Brazilian and Jewish heritage infuses his sonic identity with captivating cultural diversity. Ritual Frequencies has left an indelible mark on the music scene with a remarkable career that includes over 50 mesmerizing shows annually across the globe.

From his debut year, Ritual Frequencies graced renowned stages such as Burning Man, The Gardens of Babylon, and Epizode Festival, captivating audiences worldwide. He continues enthralling crowds at esteemed events like Odyssey Festival, The Air House, and Afrika Burn next to renowned artists like Satori, Parallells, and Carlita. Bali, the Island of Gods, has become his creative sanctuary, where his otherworldly musical style has earned profound reverence.

Ritual Frequencies’ music productions showcase his artistic finesse, blending organic melodies with pulsating tech-driven beats and invigorating progressive rhythms. Signed by leading labels like Spinning, Cafe de Anatolia, and Controversia Records, his tracks exemplify his esteemed status. His vibrant artistry extends to Awakened Dreamers, his visionary event label in Indonesia, amassing a dedicated following over the last years in Asia’s new music hub.

The power of Ritual Frequencies’ music is enhanced by his thought-provoking messages, creating an uplifting atmosphere. This fusion of evocative lyrics and dynamic compositions encapsulates the immersive experience of his DJ sets. With his vivacious stage presence, he effortlessly ignites dance floor energy, evoking a natural state of euphoria. Ritual Frequencies creates a contemporary ritual, where captivating electronic frequencies envelop any dance floor.




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