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Sarah-Jane Perman

Sarah-Jane Perman

Feminine Embodiment


Sarah-Jane Perman is an international facilitator of feminine arts and curious explorer the body as the mystery school. Her work spans from womb awakening, Taoist feminine arts, dance, devotional ritual and somatic journeying, supporting women to fully inhabit their bodies and access the wild erotic aliveness that lies within. She created Wild Feminine Mystery School and Wild Feminine Awakening Retreats and is well known for her pilgrimages in Egypt after guiding many groups home to the temples to receive the initiations of this golden land over the past 5 years. The “mother current” is the transmission she shares as the honey balm to sooth and nourish the body, restoring the template of innate vitality and abundance that is our natural blueprint so that we all may live life in full bloom.

Sarah-Jane offers workshops for women. See her schedule, here.


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