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Ubud, Bali April 5-April 10, 2022

Sarah Jane Perman

Sarah Jane Perman

Shakti Mystical Goddess Flow


Sarah-Jane is a passionate and authentic wisdom keeper, way-shower, wife, and mother, in service to the rise of the feminine and the Golden Age of awakening on Earth. Anchoring the light and igniting the spark of remembrance in all she meets through her transmission, her intention is for all beings to reclaim the wisdom of the body as the vessel for alchemy and to remember ourselves as the wild creative sensual beings we are. Movement has always been her medicine and she has been a dancer since birth always excited to explore new ways of feeling Spirit through her temple body. Spurred on an inner knowing that there was more to this human life, she dove into a traditional yogic path, trying on many lineages before finding her unique style of Shakti flow. She then opened herself to metaphysical realms and the feminine mystery streams and her perspective of this human experience shifted forever. She accepted her role as an energetic catalyst for those ready to wake up to the bigger picture and rise as the creator beings we are, ready to share our unique frequency with the world.

She holds powerful sacred space and weaves alchemical journeys of yoga, dance multidimensional energy and sound healing, breathwork, shamanic and tantric ritual, womb activation, and sacred movement practices. She facilitates her Sacred Wom(b)an Mystery School Training and her renowned Wild Goddess Retreats world wide, teaches at festivals and serves her global sisterhood in her Mentorship program.

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For more information about Sarah, see: www.sarahjaneperman.com