Bali Spirit Festival, Ubud Bali May 1-5, 2024

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Sayuri Tanaka

Sayuri Tanaka

Vegan Healing Foods

Japan / Bali

Vegan & raw chef, raw food instructor, and founder of Sayuri Healing Food Café & Academy in Bali, she is passionate to share & bring the light, joy, excitement & playfulness through her food and teaching.

Cooking is a tool to connect to all life, and to shine an individual unique gift of who you truly are! Raw-sweet enthusiasm both to create & to eat.

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Sayuri Healing Food Café and Academy:


Experience Raw Food ‘Cooking’ with Sayuri at the Festival:

Raw food for your creativity!
1 hour workshop of sushi roll lunch burrito (raw) & chocolate banana dessert sushi roll (raw + cooked).

Fun, easy and delicious meal for kids and family.


Food, energy, intention -cacao co-creation

1 hour workshop of raw chocolate & a delicious cacao drink
Learn about cacao process & nutrition, superfood & medicinal mushrooms to elevate your chocolate, creating the next level of chocolate magic together