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Sejal S Sood

Sejal S Sood

Sircle Yoga Dance


Sejal S Sood is the creator and visionary of Sircle. She has trained and performed in Indian Classical dance for 18 years, but her true inspiration comes from folk dance and Yoga. Though she is formally trained in Mathematics from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology, her passion for dance has led her to travel, study and create across Asia for the last 17 years.

After many years of training and performing with dance companies in NYC and Mumbai, Sejal branched off on her own and started focusing more on her practice of Yoga as a body discipline and improvisation in performance. She has completed a 200-hr Pure Yoga Teacher Training at Pure Yoga in Hong Kong, and has established herself as a dancer and fine artist, creating unique exhibition performances across Asia.

Sircle is her latest creation, which she truly believes has the potential to make the world dance. Universal in her approach, Sejal’s dance has the ability to cross cultural and political barriers, a pure body language for humanity. Sejal has taught Sircle in festivals across Asia including Sonic Bloom Festival in Colorado USA, Wonderfruit Thailand for 4 years, Festival Du Feminin Bangkok, and Mind Body Spirit Fair BKK. In addition to ongoing classes in Bangkok and Bali.

Prior to creating Sircle, Sejal has traveled and led lecture demonstrations on the connection between Yoga and Indian Classical dance extensively, including at Boston University, Columbia University, Lotus Yoga & Dance Studio NYC, Om Factory NYC, UNESCAP Bangkok, amongst others. As a dance performer Sejal has performed at Lincoln Center NYC, Manhattan Center, Harvard Arts First Festival, NCPA Mumbai, and Konark Festival.ant and accessible, she now creates art and spreads Sircle dance around the world.

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