Bali Spirit Festival, Ubud Bali May 1-5, 2024

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Shiva Rajaya

Shiva Rajaya

Vital Coaching


“Breaking down barriers, expanding my edge, learning to lean into surrender, and rise into my power.”

Shiva specializes in life mastery for men and women. He uses a variety of approaches from targeted tantric energy techniques, rituals, mantras to personal development mind mastery approaches.
He has been successfully teaching in the spiritual and personal development fields for 30 years, developing online programs, video and audio series, dozens of books and articles, high energy live events, celebrations and power kick one on one sessions.
His favorite expert topics are coupling mastery, male awakening, shakti activation, spiriual power, designing new evolutionary codes for humankind, vital force techniques, tantric sex codes, and much more.

His teachings are organized in the VITAL TANTRA and VITAL COACHING systems, coherent awakening pathways to lead you to optimize and master every aspect of your life.
His core mission is to activate truth and awakening for the planet and humankind.

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