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The Buzzy Kiwi

The Buzzy Kiwi

Moombahton + Latin Electronic + Bass House

New Zealand

Buzzy, also known as “The Buzzy Kiwi,” a New Zealand DJ, known for his extravagant all-in-one stage performances and knee-breaking dance parties. Don’t be surprised if bursts of confetti, fog and fireworks literally fill the room as he drops infectious, Latin-inspired electronic beats curated to get even the stiffest hips moving on the dance floor. However, if you are expecting predictable, you are in the wrong place, as Buzzy loves genre-bending surprises and drop swapping twists, so be prepared for the unexpected! From ecstatic dance morning sessions to late-night silent discos or festival closings, his dynamic performances get the party started no matter the time. After headlining NZ Spirit Festival this summer, he is taking his unique vibe on the road. Buzzy’s signature move is bringing the DJ booth directly into the crowd, immersing himself in the energy and music, allowing him to be more tapped into the collective consciousness of the audience. This creates a sense of unity and fuels his passion of dance. So if you are ready to get down like you have never danced before, you are in the right place. Welcome home to The Buzzy Crew.