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Thofan Meninão

Thofan Meninão

Vinyasa Flow


Thofan was introduced to yoga in 2015 at Yoga Barn and fell in love right away. His intensive daily practice led him to a 200hr YTT scholarship from Emily Kuser (High Vibe Yoga), that transformed his life. Since then, his mindset has changed. Yoga is no longer just a physical exercise, yoga is a way of life. He also found that yoga is his dharma. In 2018 he started his new life as a yoga instructor.

Along the way, Thofan also studies with teachers such as Mark Whitwell, Bex Tyrer, Tina Nance, Mei Lai Swan, Balsundra Srinatha (Mysore), and more. The combination of several teachers from different backgrounds created his uniqueness and enriched Thofan’s knowledge and experience in teaching.

Currently, mindfulness is his best choice for both practice and teaching. Mindfulness teaches Thofan to be more connected to his body and mind also to develop an awareness of himself: the best thing he found in yoga and life.