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Benny Holloway

Benny Holloway

Body Poetry


Benny Holloway, Aka ‘Holloway”, is a bright and intuitive musician based out of the hinterland of Byron Bay, Australia. His genuine, warm personality alongside his stirring and evocative music coupled with his ecstatic voice makes him one of the most intriguing musicians in the industry today.

Benny’s music is completely intuitively created, deeply inspired by cross-cultured ethnomusicology, having lived in and around India for many years, the prayer calls from mosques that flood the city, the music within ashrams, the street performances have soaked into his subconscious and only when it comes time to creating and playing music do flavors of those influences play themselves out through his melodic interpretation.

For almost a decade Benny has been playing music and creating sound within the spiritual soul ceremonial space, weaving sounds to support sacred spiritual and yogic practices.

Benny’s music has been referred to as “medicinal”. It is often shared that his music was used throughout the sacred process of giving birth, making love or transcending through yoga, meditation or dance.

Benny has also been a Sound Therapist for nearly 15 years, working with a very special and rare instrument ‘The Soundbed’ – a large acoustic bed with strings underneath, played to create a deeply therapeutic sound and vibrational healing transmission.

Benny will be facilitating with Lara Zilibowitz.

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