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Lara Zilibowitz

Lara Zilibowitz

Body Poetry


Lara Zilibowitz is an internationally touring yoga and meditation teacher, and a qualified transpersonal art therapist, devoted to the intrinsic wisdom and healing creativity of the body and soul.

Lara’s personal journey is one of profound transformation and inspiration, navigating many layers of her own post-traumatic stress symptoms following a near-death experience at age 17.
After two decades of passionate self-study, formal training and facilitation across yoga and the creative embodied arts, Lara has become a master in the field of holding space for others, welcoming them just as they are.

Through her signature evocative language, expressive movement, nourishing breathwork and compassionate inquiry, every practice with Lara is a celebration of existence, a healing journey of exquisite self-remembrance and acceptance.

Lara is founder of Body Poetry Yoga and Art of Being Retreats, hosting masterclasses, teacher trainings and transformative retreats around Australia and the world. She is an ambassador for yoga and lifestyle brands such as Wanderlust Festival, Lululemon athletica, Casall Training and Aveda hair and skin care, and has graced the cover of Yoga Journal Australia. When she isn’t teaching, holding space and empowering others, Lara is actively engaged in her own forms of expression and creativity including painting large scale murals, making her signature ceramics and artwork in her hinterland home in Byron Bay, Australia.

Lara will be facilitating with Benny Holloway.

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