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2012 And The Paradigm Shift.

So much has being written as well as debated about this new year – 2012. Already we are 3 months in and it is as if lineal time is being ever increasingly sucked through a giant, omnipotent vacuum.

What does the future hold? Is it possible that an almighty star gate will burst open during the 2012 December solstice allowing us infinite inter dimensional access? Who knows.

Exciting changes are sweeping the planet. However, as the cronies of the old world paradigm concoct and squeal their spin to keep their matrix of fear afloat, now, more than ever, it is essential that we, the conscious global community, remain in the power of our open and loving hearts to co create the world in which we all wish to belong.

Here in Bali (the liver of Mother Gaia), dwells an open collective powered by a mantra of sharing and investing their energy to create an event that is destined to reverberate around our world. Giving birth to waves of loving energy that will embrace our planet in a warm and sensuous hug 🙂

2012 (the year of transformation) cradles the 5th annual Bali Spirit Festival. Yoga, Music, Dance, Meditation, Art, Workshops, Market Fairs, Healing Modalities and more. Five days of soul inspired celebration from the 28th of March until 1st April. This event will grant participants a superb opportunity to infuse their auras with the essence of joy and to add fuel to the fire of the new world paradigm shift.

Sound healing practitioners have had a profound impact upon my life. Divine song and music is a portal to celestial rapture. On the evening of the Spring Equinox, 21st March, it was my pleasure (along with the gracious audience at the G.R.C in Ubud) to experience the sound medicine master and multi-instrumentalists, Kailash Kokopelli, along with renown South American percussionist Pepe Danaz, in a celebration of sacred songs and sonic healing.

Beginning his performance playing numerous stringed instruments, Kailash lead a chorus of devotional songs, priming the venue with transcendental energy. Wind instruments next set the tone for our wonderful meditative journey. Afterwards there were glazed eyes as well as smiles all round and the sense of oneness was profound.

Sound Medicine Master Kailash Kokopelli.
Sound Medicine Master Kailash Kokopelli.

Kailash Kokopelli and Pepe Danaz, as well as other stars of the of the world healing music scene are set to perform and WOW audiences during this years festival which boasts the biggest music line up to date!

It is time once again to experience the Bali Spirit Festival, to commune and rejoice in our gifts of light for the collective planetary specie. I am excited to be playing my part in the continuation of this amazing consciousness paradigm shift.

Written by : Richard Horstman


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