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5 Ways to Achieve Your New Year Resolutions

Written by : BaliSpirit

The excitement of a new year can bring about tons of changes. The desire to better oneself, to start fresh or to leave things behind is never more present than on January 1st. While that excitement may last a few days, weeks if you’re lucky, it’s easy to find yourself leaving behind your new year resolutions as the month of January passes by. So why not find a few ways to keep those new years resolutions going all year long!

We’ve come up with 5 ways to follow through on your New Years resolutions.

  1. Put your resolutions where you can see them.

Write down your resolutions and put them somewhere you can see them every single day. Having a constant reminder of what you set out to do can be a great way to stay committed to it. A simple sticky note by the bathroom mirror or a chalk board on the front door can be great places to put that daily reminder and having those words in front of you every day will make it impossible to leave them behind.

  1. Find an activity that is connected to your goal.

Perhaps you wanted to lose weight, why not find a retreat for weight loss. Maybe you set a goal to finally start taking yoga classes, find a yoga festival or workshop to attend. Or maybe your resolution was to meet new people, by joining a new club or group that meets regularly, you will find your way to new friends in no time.

It doesn’t need to be anything huge, but finding activities that will connect you to your resolution for the months past January can be a great way to stay on track and can keep you excited every month of the year!

  1. Find a friend who shares your resolution.

Everything is easier with a buddy. When you have a friend to help hold you accountable it is a lot harder to give up on your goal. Maybe you and a friend meet for weekly work outs, or create a plan to hold each other accountable for whatever resolution you share.

  1. Set smaller goals to help you reach that resolution.

As we tend to make sweeping statements on the 1st, such as; “I will lose weight this year” or “I will eat better.” We tend to forget that it takes planning to do these things. A great way to refuel that commitment to your resolution is to find a few small goals to help you along the way. Something as simple as ” By February 15th I will lose 5lbs” or “This week I will drink x amount of water.” While they seem simple, it really is those small achievable things that add up to the big resolution.

  1. Don’t Stress.

It can be easy to get off track as life comes up. When that happens simply remember, you are human and that each day is a new day and a perfect opportunity to recommit to what you truly want this year!

So if you are finding yourself veering off track from those January 1st resolutions, just know you aren’t alone and that you have the ability to get back on track in any number of ways. If your resolution is something you truly desire a little hard work will get you there in no time.


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