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How BaliSpirit Festival Connects – Within and Without

Every year, Bali brings together a constellation of like-minded souls for one nourishing week long festival. It was in 2018 at the transformational BaliSpirit Festival that Haley and Jodie met for the first time as solo travelers. They immediately bonded over their love for tropical fruit, health and dancing. With more than 7000 people attending from all over the world, it wasn’t by chance but it was fate that these two magical beings crossed paths and one of the numerous examples on how a festival connects souls.

The Festival sparked such a strong bond between them that pulled them back to the event the following year; this time together. They now share a beautiful array of friends that also continue to come back year after year. The Bali tribe from all corners of the globe stay in touch with regular voice notes and messages. After having such life changing experiences at the Festival, staying connected holds them accountable for the growth they continue.

Dance To Open Up

Haley and Jodie love to move their bodies, so it’s no surprise that they attended as many ecstatic dances together as they could. Even if they didn’t plan to go together they knew they would always find each other. They really were quite the joy to watch as their inner child would come out to play as they weaved around the dance floor. Jodie says “Ecstatic dance enables me to really get into my body and listen to its wisdom. We store so much energy in our bodies and when we consciously set an intention before a movement practice it allows us to get the issues out of our tissues and make space for new energy to flow. I also love how I can safely connect with people without words. It is such an incredible space.”

Find Your Tribe AND Your Guidance In Shared Workshops

They have attended so many incredible workshops together, from heart opening cacao ceremonies, vision boarding, women’s circles and shamanic yoga. Another stand out highlight was Anjuna, Sarah and Zarah’s Isis Activation. Both Haley and Jodie share a longing to connect with the goddess archetypes and this nourishing journey was one they will never forget. Haley describes her experience as “OMG, since then I am not the same. I feel there’s a force of protecting spirits around me and something ignited within that is powerful and strong. It is so incredible how a two hour session can completely change your life.”

Experience Transformation From Within

Every year at BaliSpirit Festival so many beautiful souls awaken and then these positive changes ripple out to communities around the world. With so many workshops in yoga, dance, music and well-being, you simply don’t leave the Festival as you came. We asked Jodie and Haley why they love BaliSpirit Festival and this is what they shared:

Haley -“BaliSpirit Festival is such a free and heart opening experience. Besides learning so much from the incredible teachers they bring in, I feel welcomed to explore my youth and to spend a week playing with a relaxed mind while in nature.”

Jodie – “Life has never been the same since my first BaliSpirit Festival in 2018. When you spend 7 days with like minded souls you really cannot leave as they same person you arrived as. I have learnt so much from the world-renowned teachers that have empowered me to grow. And I am so grateful for the beautiful connections I have made. I used to dream of friendships like these”.

Jodie and Haley have gained so much wisdom that they use in their offerings with clients. With Haley being a Wellness Coach and Yoga Teacher and Jodie being a Detoxing Coach and Transformational Guide, together they have quite a potent medicine. They will be sharing their gifts in their very first retreat together in Uluwatu from the 12th-18th of April. It’s just one week after the next BaliSpirit Festival and would be the perfect way to take your transformation from the Festival to another level. The Retreat is designed to guide you to regain the trust in your own intuition, connect with like minded women, immerse yourself in Bali culture and step into the soul you came here to be.

Find out more Jodie & Haley’s ‘Ignite Your Intuition’ Bali Retreat here.

We love hearing stories like this from people that have attended the Festival and publish some of them here. We would love to hear your story too.


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