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ART For EveryONE.

I was wondering around the fabulous site of the BaliSpirit Festival, engaging all the senses and mixing up with the crowd.

A young Balinese guy suddenly walked straight up to me and thrust a paint brush and a can of paint into my hands and gestured towards two canvases lying nearby on the grass.

“Please share in this creation,” said artist Made ‘Bayak’ Muliana.


I love art, in fact I love all creative expression. When Made suggested I added a few licks of paint to this work in progress, open to all members of the public I said to myself: “I like this. I am going to have to blog about it!”

“Hey Made. What’s this all about?” I asked.

“I am inviting people to participate in an art project and also I am challenging their ideas about their creative powers,” he replied.

Many Balinese are born into to families of painters, dancers, sculptors or musicians and are naturally creative. The Balinese Hindu religion requires great attention to creativity through the rituals and ceremonial performances.

However, some western cultures do not have this affinity with the creative process and some adults may feel challenged when confronted by the idea of painting or drawing.

“This project is about communicating with people via the power of creativity and painting.”

“On Sunday’s family day at the Festival , ‘Hari Cinta Keluarga’, many children will be here and I know I will create a lot of fun with them,” Made added.

“Later I will add the finishing touches to the canvases and then the works will be auctioned at a fund raising event for the Bamboo Foundation who are involved in the re greening of regions in eastern Bali which are extremely arid and as well as being economically marginalized.”


So when you are heading down in the direction of the swimming pool you will find this talented artist.

Grab a brush and contribute.

Are you up for participating in a public art project?

Balinese Artist Made Bayak Muliana.

Written by : Richard Horstman


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