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Bagus Bali Bale

Upon entering the festival, people were quickly drawn to the Bollywood-style music, an exuberant instructors voice on the mic, and fun dance moves prompting
dancers to ‘screw in the light bulb’, ‘drive the bike’, ‘shrug your shoulders’ and ‘get down’. It’s the type of class you

could jump in on and quickly catch on, get a great work out and have joyous smile radiating the whole time.
It’s serious fun and a feel-good vibe. Sarina Jain is an enthusiastic health, fitness and dance instructor of Masala Bhangra ®. Her passion for her
Indian upbringing and cultural influence permeates her audience… allowing everyone to experience the pure joy in this style of dance. Masala
Bhangra ® began as way to honor her father who passed…it has since grown into a world wide phenomenon… for quite good reason. Also
noted as one of the top 5 work outs in the US. Honoring her heritage and sharing it with the world to feel that same energy and happiness…
a perfect combo. Inclusive style dance for all …ask the 20+ Balinese volunteers who stopped in to enjoy the action…they would be
sure to tell you it was Bagus… their smiles probably would give it away first! One more day to join in on the contagious fun.

Written by : Jennifer MacNiven



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