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Balancing my Yin and Yang

I started day two with a clear intent to take it easy and explore not only the great workshops at this year’s event but also spend time looking round the
Dharma fair and healing huts. But before that I headed to Ronan Tang’s morning class to kick off the day. I was fascinated to learn about the importance
of balancing my body’s different sides (yin and yang) and even for the complete beginners in the class, like me, I was able to keep up and understand
and see the psychical effects of different postures. Ronan described yoga as ‘a state not a structure or form’, and he showed this through a series
of breathing exercises and different moves – or as he liked to call them ‘experiments’.

As well as learning about Chinese medicine through his stories, Ronan also explained the importance of our meridian lines and it was clear why he was
a leading teacher trainer in China. With a series of classes at the festival I’m sure a lot more can be learnt from this teacher, who concentrates
on the vital idea of balancing our bodies. I left the class not in a sweat as usual at my yoga classes, but with a deeper understanding of the
importance of my practice and how I should view it from now on. What’s not important is how good or flexible our poses are, but our mind-set while
doing them, I’m sure a lot of Yogi’s agree with that.

Written by : Hannah Cox


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