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Beautiful Bridges

I arrived at Bridges shortly after 7pm and was immediately offered a glass of sparkling wine. The room was full, the music was at a perfect level and
the light and ambience of the room was neither too dark nor too light. Staff were very attentive and absolutely charming. We were seated downstairs
at a quiet table in the corner, and although we had no view of the concert which was to take place, the 3 course meal and dinner service made up
for it.

Bridges is regarded as the #1 restaurant in Ubud and after my experience last night, there’s no secret why this beautiful restaurant has every right
to withhold this prestigious title. The menu last night consisted of an appetizer, a main and a dessert. There were 3 choices for each. The concert
started shortly after 10pm with a warm introduction to Jacqueline Fuentes. As she started to play, my dinner date described her sound as what he
was tasting with the flavors of his own chocolate fondant.

Absolutely beautiful. The music was so calm, yet so gentle, powerful and spiritually moving. A truly unique and uplifting sound. Jacqueline has a simply
beautiful voice, and with her singing in her native tongue, Spanish, it was the ultimate accompaniment to such an extraordinary dining experience.
All in all, a luxurious and decadent evening at Bridges.

Written by : Kate Matthews


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