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Bollywood Sisters Shake it Up!

Indonesia has always had a special connection with the Indian culture. It’s no surprise then that festival goes fell in love with the magic of Bollywood
dance that was presented on Thursday. All those playful and quintessential dance moves so often seen in Bollywood cinema, were wonderfully choreographed
by the fun-loving sisters whose mother originally hales from Kerala, India. Even though these beautiful gals were raised in Australia, the home of
their father, they couldn’t seem to get that special Bollywood groove out of their blood. Perhaps the reason is that it’s just so much fun!

We all gave it a go at the open-air amphitheater with views of the surrounding ricefields. A perfect setting for Bollywood lovers to shake their hips and
point their fingers repeatedly at each other while pivoting around into a bangle shake followed by other evocative moves with hilarious names like
‘screwing in the light bulb’, ‘polishing the rainbow’ and ‘cutting the grass’. The sisters admitted that they chose these names for their outright
silliness, but also because people tended to remember the moves better that way.

The beauty of Bollywood dancing is that anyone can do it. The key is in the magnificent smile which must always radiate from the dancer’s face. It looks
like a deceptively easy workout, but once you’re really moving to the upbeat tempo, your heart will start pumping as the sweat begins streaming down
your face, belly and arms. It doesn’t matter though, because you’re in such a state of merriment, that you won’t want to stop!

By the end of the workshop, everyone was able to do a full choreographed Bollywood dance. Not bad for beginners. Cool down was nice too, as we all paired
off to do stretches, finishing off with mutual shoulder and back massages. Now that’s my kind of dancing!

Written by : Michele Cempaka



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