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Crazy Times Indeed.

Kobagi Kecak?

What on earth could this mean?

Well, the Kecak is a Balinese dance performance developed early last century with the guidance of the famous pioneering Ubudian , German painter/musician Walter Spies.

Kobagi – is an acronym for Kommunitas Badan Gila (Crazy Body Community).

French artist Gregoire Gensse together with Balinese artists created a unique art form using the body and bamboo as percussive instruments. Kobagi Kecak takes from the West a complex style of body percussion; from the East, especially Bali the traditional musical forms of the kecak and genjek.

The Kobagi guys put on a very entertaining and literally cheeky show, also creating percussive sounds via their cheeks and their open mouths.

The Aerial Crew bounced onto to the One World ARMA stage backed with funky rhythms and break beats and proceeded to mix it up with lightning moves and attitude to boot! Polished and dynamic, the WOW factor was high!

Kamau Abayoni, a pivotal figure in the development of the San Francisco Bay Area Hiphop dance movement since the 1990’s, lead this fabulous Balinese break dancing group.


Well, what occurred next was a piece of pure theatrical performance when the Kobagi clan joined the Aerial Crew on the stage for a dramatic and humorous dance showdown!

This fantastic fun interaction between the traditional and the modern forms of musical dance expression highlighted the richness of creativity alive and well here in Bali, Indonesia.

To say the crowd was elated, well, perhaps that’s an understatement! Congratulations and thank you Kobagi and the Aerial Crew for your brilliant show!

Kobagi Kecak and the Aerial Crew in Action. Image by Erwin Sitorus.

Written by : Richard Horstman


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