Bali Spirit Festival, Ubud Bali May 1-5, 2024

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Crouching Tigers & Flying Dragons with Simon Low.

“In appropriately balanced combination, the ‘whole’ is greater than the sum of its two parts, offering the most effective & inclusive approach to yoga that I have ever experienced in over 20 years of teaching & practice. I continue to recognise Yin & Yang Yoga’s incredible effectiveness as a modality for health, healing & personal transformation. The feedback that I receive, and the personal progress that I witness within individuals, simply reinforces this heartfelt belief & commitment”

~ Simon Low

Simon Low, and his beautiful assistant Eija Tervonen, brought their best yang yoga to The Bali Spirit Festival in
their Crouching Tigers & Flying Dragons workshop. Simon Low’s martial arts infused, power vinyasa flow looped through a series of invigorating

Simon took to the floor encouraging students with his high energy and hands on adjustments. The dynamic, yet grounded, asana practice left students sweaty
and grateful. The practice brought several worn out students to an early savasana grave, but Simon got everyone back on their feet for one final sequences.
His energy brought the group to a resounding crescendo and everyone was grateful for his supportive attitude.

Simon’s unique yogic teachings are a medley of Iyengar yoga, Astanga Vinyasa yoga, Okido yoga and Viniyoga, Chi Kung, The Alexander Technique, Pilates,
Macrobiotics, and Chinese Medicine. Simon is Principal and Founder of The Yoga Academy, one of the UK’s
leading yoga teacher training schools, and a co-founder and the original Director of Yoga at Triyoga, the UK’s most popular yoga studios. Simon runs
teacher trainings, weekend residentials, workshops and yoga holidays in the UK and internationally throughout the year.

Written by : Carrie Stiles


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