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Dancing Meditation and Art in Motion..

Maya Mandala welcomed us this afternoon at the YB pavilion with a question: «What is your experience with dance?» Listening to the answers, I realized that there is no creature in this universe that is not familiar with dancing… Some people dance before they walk, animals dance, trees dance with the wind, elements dance with each other.. Nature is teaching us every moment the sacred dance of life!!! And Maya is teaching how to use dance for therapy and balance… Her creation «Mandala Dance»is a practice of multi – level energy alignment. It is a moving meditation which connects inner and outer body through Tantric breath, presence and awareness..

The class was based on improvisation in couples, following beautiful rhythms of many kinds of music.. By changing rhythms, partners and adjusting our movements to them we spent one and a half hour dancing and playing with each other, creating art with our bodies, supporting, mirroring, balancing, breathing, jumping, stretching, bending, rolling, pausing and starting again!! It was fun and deep at the same time! Maya was coaching our dance with her smile…no corrections- there is no mistake in dancing!!

At the end, in couples we had to give a small performance 1-2 minutes.. In a really playful atmosphere, we performed and enjoyed, while more and more people were gathering around!!! After the closing circle, I left the class with a sweet sensation and I promised to myself to dance every day at least for 5 minutes!

Next official meeting with Maya Mandala on Sunday with her Mandala Dance at Bali Spirit Festival. More information for her activities at

Written by : Dimitra Pappa


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