Bali Spirit Festival, Ubud Bali May 1-5, 2024

Yoga Dance Music Healing

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Divinely Guided by Edo and Jo

I first met Edo and Jo in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand, where they led us through an amazing Kirtan experience. I was mesmerized by their immense energy – the way they played the harmonium, flute and guitar. The interplay of their voices, the way they guided the audience into a trance-like state, the inspiring stories they shared, and their oh-so clear willingness to be of service. 

I was intrigued when Edo showed me a video on his phone of the beautiful Narayani Peedam in India, where the couple resides, studies and leads kirtan and yoga events half of the year. What a gorgeous place to live and to give back; and how beautiful to share such an experience with your partner!

The rest of the couple’s year is spent in Bali, and other parts of South-East Asia, and Australia, as they share their sound, Bhakti teachings, and humanitarian work, by running events at yoga schools and retreats, festivals, teacher trainings, hospitals, orphanages and temples.

Their Seva project, that will resonate strongly with BSF visitors, A Sound Life – brings together musicians and yogis to offer their skills to entertain, heal, empower and educate the underprivileged, disabled and the sick through the healing powers of music and yoga – at no cost to the receivers. Visit the website to join as a volunteer or support the project in another way.

On this final day of the BaliSpirit Festival, I especially got grasped by one of their songs, inspired by Rumi’s poem The Guest House.

As I look back on the week that has been, I feel so blessed for the opportunity to have been part of this event. For being part of the Spirit Team, for all that put their lives at home on pause, so that they were able to attend. To take a break from daily life, to get moved and touched, to get stretched beyond expectations, move beyond struggles, welcome growth and to shine their lights SO bright and play big. To show up for themselves, get in touch with their heart’s desires, embrace community, be recharged for at least another year. I look forward to meet you all again next year, and will hum this song until then – no doubt.

“Be grateful for whoever comes, 
because each has been sent 
as a guide from beyond.”

Written by : Saar Grolleman


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