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Esalen® Massage with Ellen Watson: Touching Essence

The Esalen Massage session with Ellen Watson yesterday afternoon at the BaliSpirit Festival was a unique experience of gentle immersion in a peaceful sea of sensations. A group of eight experienced practitioners – leaded by Ellen – gave massages to the audience as a demonstration, and after that the participants had the opportunity to learn the basic steps to give the massage to others.

Ellen Watson is an open and smiling practitioner, she is one of the first introducers of the technique. You can see and feel in the way she moves and talks that her hands can touch the personal story of your live. Ellen shows a deep kindness and respect to the participants and was able to become the session in a sacred moment. She and the rest of practitioners makes easy the approach to Esalen Massage because they provide a safe and supportive environment to explore and support sensitivity.

What is Esalen Massage?

Esalen massage incorporates long flowing strokes over the whole body, and helps release the stresses of everyday life. It’s an experience of integration and deep relaxation.

The fundamental elements of Esalen Massage, such as breath awareness, quality of touch, and long integrative body strokes are combined with creative stretches and healing mantras.

Giving and receiving

In just one hour of this workshop the participants got great practical skills to give the massage to others and basic ways to achieve relaxation and relieve stress. We all felt that giving and also receiving the massage is a real gift for the body and the soul.

Written by : Yasnaya Guibert Masso


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