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Everybody needs some Watsu!!

Today, Day 4 of the BaliSpirit Festival I woke up stiff and lazy! I am so excited about the festival and all the beautiful people that come here to share their light, that I try to attend every single class plus the night concerts!! But today, ohhhh, so difficult to imagine myself in a down dog!!! So, arriving at Purnati I went straight to the pool!

Michael Hallock with his hut was there.. ready to start the Watsu class.. So I joined the rest of the team and in a few moment I was sitting on the bed by the pool, listening to him speaking about this amazing water treatment.. It was super-hot morning and the pool was tempting, but listening to the explanations and the inscriptions of Michael was more tempting..

Watsu.. a therapy in the water..a treatment using the element that consists the most of our body.. The element that eliminates gravity, that makes you feel light as a feather, that can take all your pains away.. And learning a technique how to help a human body heal using the magic powers of water is something special… Soon we found our partners and we started connecting with each other with touch and breath and after a quick demo, I found myself floating in the hands of my friend… ouf.. the essence of complete freedom from my weight, the sound of silence in the water, the complete surrender to the hands of my partner, brought me back memories from another world, that human beings live in the water, or in the whom of their mother…

The cooling water and the warm sun plus the trust that I was feeling to my partner made the feeling of happiness much stronger and all my stiff feelings disappeared!!! And going out of the pool I was thinking: Why I waited 4 days before I come to this amazing class??? Thank God Michael will be still here tomorrow!!! If you need a Watsu treatment, a class or more info about him you can visit his website at

Written by : Dimitra Pappa


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