Bali Spirit Festival, Ubud Bali May 1-5, 2024

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Excited to almost be in Ubud

It’s almost here, the fifth Bali Spirit Festival, and I’m really excited to be a part of it. I’m joining the media team as a volunteer press conference coordinator, which basically means I’m connecting festival founders and presenters with local and international journalists, who will then joyously spread the Bali Spirit word far and wide ensuring every year grows from the last!

There’s something already magical about a festival that celebrates the human spirit, movement and music, but to hold it in Ubud…what a combination.

Bali Spirit not only nourishes the souls of those lucky enough to attend, but also educates Balinese students about ways to prevent HIV/AIDS, as Indonesia faces an alarming epidemic. Through the AYO! Kita Bicara HIV & AIDS program, Bali Spirit has reached over 1000 students in more than 25 schools.

As I write this from the crowded Indonesian capital Jakarta, my mind’s teasing me with images of luscious rice-paddies, Hindu offerings and bamboo bungalows. So, if you’re like me and not yet in Ubud, let this beautiful piece of videography nourish your soul until you’re lucky enough to be surrounded by the real thing:

[vimeo id=29932789 w=574&h=323]

Delighted to almost be in Ubud! 

Written by : Clare Price


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