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Friday Night Lights: BaliSpirit After Dark

I walked into Arma last night expecting to make the same walk down to the serene pavilion where the evening program took place for last two nights. It was a walking meditation that had really become part of the daily program. It was a journey through time, amid artfully lit Balinese temples and ancient art, reflecting pools under a clear jungle moon. Escher, were he to be alive and an intrepid South Asian explorer, would have been duly impressed.

My walk last night was much shorter, and the trip was much more exciting. In stepping off the street and through security, one was met with a blast of color, smell, and light. Music from the brightly-lit main stage setting a multi-foliate backdrop, it was as being teleported right into the main bazaar in an alternate universe. Admittedly, after the shanti shanti atmosphere of the day’s events, it was a touch overwhelming.

It only took a few moments to realize this was an incredibly good thing.

Everything in moderation, including moderation, including yoga. As yogis, we are very focused on the detoxification of the practices we partake in. It is of my personal opinion that balance should be practiced across the board. If one wrings all of the water out of a sponge, it remains twisted and worn. In order to truly detox, it’s important to have something to pull out. The practice of retoxing can be a quite fun one indeed.

What better place to add some energy back into the active yogis system that a festival fueled by love? Food is offered to nourish the body, artistic wares to satisfy the mind, and exciting music to move the body and activate the senses. Just like the daily event schedule, there is an vast array of musical stylings for everyone to resonate with. From traditional Balinese folk to enjoyably agressive dub-step world sounds, to the bouncy hug of reggae ska sounds, everyone who started moving did not stop until the music did. 

Last night, I saw one of the most eccletic musical pairings ever thought of– electric beats laid a foundation for battle between a woman playing a triangle, a dj playing a shopping cart with drumsticks while masterfully wailing on a sequencer, and a full 12-man traditional Gamelion ensemble.

It was one of those nights. You know, just another Friday night out here on the edge of the universe.

Written by : Daniel Scott


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