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Garden Underground

It felt like half of the town was on stage.

I have never been so surprised, impressed and blown away by anything before, than by the inaugural performance of Garden Underground. They ROCKED Ubud. Where did they come from and how did they get so freaking good? Such a mix of sounds, dance, voice and vibe. And every bit utter perfection. Our friends came together, and our friends did good.

I couldn’t keep still. Or keep a stupid grin off my face.

Led by festival organizer Rob Webber and Patricio Labarca on vocals and guitars, with percussion from yogi surfer Carlos Romero, dancers Kim Kaverina and Gypsy; multi talented Krishna Adipurba on base guitar, and Dinesh on keyboards. Joined by guest dancers Salim, Lasso and Baba, and rapping from Marcus Berg, their exciting new sounds will put Ubud on the map. Damn, they will rewrite the map.

I guess it’s like seeing your kids grow up and graduate, or your tomatoes bear fruit, or something. Their many hours of hard work in rehearsals paid off. In gold. My friends, we are so proud of you. This is home grown talent we can look forward to seeing again. And again. Thank you.

*Garden Underground are playing Betelnut Ubud 
Friday 28th at 8.30PM after Nasi Campur*

Written by : Suki Zoe 


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