Bali Spirit Festival, Ubud Bali May 7-11th, 2025

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Get there early – Rizal Abdulhadi

Having seen Rizal Abdulhadi electrify the audience at TEDxUbud, I arrived early for Saturday night.

Often people skip the first performers of the night, thinking that the party starts later, that the real dancing only happens with the bigger names. They are missing some of the best talent. Whatever feedback is received by Bali Spirit about their musical lineup, I can say from someone who was as close as I could get – this year was back to back talent from beginning to end.

Rizal Abdulhadi defines himself thus: Storyteller first. Musician second. Social Activist third. He plays an instrument called Rasendriya – which he designed and built himself – made of bamboo. Rasendriya combines percussion, guitar and didgeridoo. With his wife on violin and the charismatic Catur on drums, the sound and vibe is unique, and not to be missed.

Written by : Suki Zoe


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