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Global Consciousness Movement

There is a global consciousness movement going on – in the sense that we are developing and expanding our awareness as human beings. A movement where we are understanding and learning about how we can behave with ourselves, each other and the Earth in a more loving and sustainable way. More people are rising up to the awareness that we need to create a new way of being and living and can more clearly see the dysfunctions of the old system and slowly start to step out of it.

This movement takes place in many shapes and forms globally – through artists in creative expressions, through conscious entrepreneurs, through everyday people making major shifts in their lives, through communities, gatherings and festivals. We are in a phase of experimenting, sensing, shifting, moving and creating – sometimes rising and sometimes falling while trying out new ways of being, relating and living.

Many festivals today become places of accelerated transformation, which is why they are called transformational festivals. We step into a whirlwind of meetings, artistry, music, activities and workshops – and step out feeling renewed, transformed and rested. BaliSpirit Festival is one of those places – a place, where people from all over the world gather to share knowledge, to celebrate and to connect. Through connection we expand and through experience we are educated. A narrow mind can only exist in a narrow setting and the more perspectives we gather the more we can expand our own view points of life and widen our horizons.

While we are spending more and more time online, we can also more clearly understand the need to connect with each other in direct human form as in communities, sharing, caring, meeting, relating and reflecting. Bali Spirit Festival is a community gathering and transformational work in breath, meetings, lectures, movement, dance, sound and expression and in addition to teachers, healers and artists, it also attracts conscious entrepreneurs. Spirituality meets entrepreneurship and that makes Ubud and the BaliSpirit Festival a hub of conscious possibilities.

We are here to forge new paths without a map but we have a guiding system of values and intuition and we are learning to navigate together. Through each experience expanding our hearts and minds, we are manifesting a shift in our world. Want to be a part of it? Then join us for BaliSpirit Festival 2017.

Written by : Liv Lo


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