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Healing Hut – part 1

Bali is known for many things, it’s beauty, the people, the culture…it is also the epicenter for spirituality, relaxation, meditation, yoga and a place to come to heal oneself (physically, spiritually, mental, and emotionally). BaliSpirit Festival touches on all of these avenues and the Healing Hut has so many options for individuals to investigate. Sessions offered range from Tarot Card readings, intuitive channel and spiritual mediums, astrological readings, massage, energy and chakra clearings/realignments/healings, Access Consciousness ®, transformational guides, spiritual healers, breath work, Somalogy, spa services, past life regression, applied chromo light therapy, psychic readings, sound healing, Aboriginal healing, aura reading, Holographic Kinetics and much more.

Curious about each of these, I made a decision to try Aboriginal healing, I signed up for a session with Samantha Hoogenboom, a therapist who has spent the past 20 years studying and 10 years in practice with individuals and groups. The session was powerful…as she asked guidance from my own spirit to tune into what were subconscious blockages and at certain ages of life. This was done during a muscle testing technique…when the answer was giving to her, we stopped and discussed the age and scenario that first came to mind. Something so regressed or seemingly not important was brought to the forefront and worked on. Thought patterns, stories, beliefs were reprogrammed with affirmation, a brief tap and helping rewire the neurological patterning. After that portion of the treatment was completed, we began another part which included making statements about the emotions I was feeling while at the same time, using self-tapping technique. Self tapping in different areas of the head, face, shoulders and chest is used to realign the meridians, to clear the chakras and reprogram thoughts. Samantha simultaneously tapped herself as well, a technique to help clear any of her energy as well and that she doesn’t take on others…so key in being a therapist, as it would be so easy to absorb all the unwanted energy others are projecting. As we continued through the session, It was amazing how many times a new emotion or feeling raised, and was quickly dealt with with compassion and understanding. This type of healing is so different than anything I’ve experienced and had a positive, transforming and profound affect. 
After an intense session with Samantha, I felt an Aura, Chakra and Bioenergic analysis with Maureen would be helpful. Placing my palm on device that energetically reads your aura and can detect that activity of your chakras, I then received a printout of a beautifully colored photo. Maureen intuitively analyzed the complex information and stated EXACTLY is going on in my life right now, energetically. I was dumbfounded how pertinent and clear this information came across. She gave me some amazing analogies to help me have a better understanding of what my body is doing and with this information, I am given the chance to make clearer decisions. Maureen doesn’t just give the information, but offers an amazing amount of guidance for how process all of it and ways to incorporate it in my life. I appreciated this information and I know if will be so useful on my journey.

Again, so many choices for therapies and sessions to attend, I rounded out the day with a brief Mayan Calendar and intuitive reading from Djai Heijn. He spent many years in the mountains of Peru and tuned in to the power of the Universe’s energy as guidance and teacher. He studied the new ‘upgraded’ code with in the Mayan calendar and found a speciality in helping others understand their “fullest potential and unique evolution”. As my information was read and interpreted, there was focus placed on aspects of mind, body and spirit. Intuitive information was given on the what drives me, what my path is and my mission in life. My head was nodding yes the whole time as he was explaining things to me, since his intuition and interpretation was so relevant. Djai’s kind demeanor and true understanding of his craft makes him a special and unique reader to learn from.

To be continued as I will dive into more learning, therapies and readings tomorrow…

Written by : Jennifer MacNiven


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