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Healing Hut – Part 2

I started off the week of BaliSpirit with a head cold…wicked sore throat, sinus and ear issues…and just plain tired. Managing to still try and have fun, I reached my limit and could participate no more. I opted again for a more relaxed approach and to try more of the options at the healing hut.

Astrological readings have become more of an interest of mine, and I was curious to see what was going on in the universe and too have a clearer understanding of what I’m going through. I met with Isreal Bouseman (Astrologer, Numerologist and Tarot Reader and blogger for With over 20 years of practice helps others gain knowledge that they can ‘move from unconscious reaction to a conscious choice’. ‘Choice is only an option when we understand that choice exists.’ I was definitely interested in gaining knowledge so that I could make better and more conscious decisions. His enthusiasm for this work is apparent, for when he read my chart, he said he could go on for hours. I was given so much insight into the planetary alignments, the signs and house they fall in, and what that means and the influences it has. The information was spot on and he stated that none of this should be new information, but more of a validation of what we already know and experience. All of the information truly lined up with the other sessions I went to as well. Fascinating stuff, it really does all start to make sense and the healers, readers, intuitives really do have a special gift to share this information. Isreal even does online readings with a multi-page written interpretation. So valuable!

Claire Costello has a special and unique gift to channel spirit, guide/shift/clear energy and align the chakras. She practices and embodies this gift as a personal practice and to provide healing to others. Healing occurs on all levels mind, body, spirit… and for me, I wasn’t sure exactly what I needed. We talked briefly, I was asked to set an intention…and as I was lying on the table, eyes closed, I could feel her presence over me (with little to no touch). There was a strong energetic sensation in my throat… and I could tell she was moving that energy. I peeked to see if that was true and indeed it was. After a brief session, I sat up and felt lighter, not as tired. Claire stated ‘ your chakras are aligned now and your throat is healed!’. I smiled and thought…ok, and chose to accept that it was true. Not always sure what to make of sessions like this where little to no hands on applied…I would give myself some time to feel the effects. In the meantime, I was signed up to try some Applied Chromo Light therapy.

Shortly after seeing Claire I met with Lynn , who, like Claire has a special gift of being able to channel spirit (Medium). She noticed this gift as a young child but didn’t use it until later in life… a practice now that is a therapeutic modality for others. Along with channeling information from Spirit guides, she incorporates a treatment called Applied Chromo Light Therapy. This treatment is used with bright colorful lights that align with the chakras. When lying on the table, covered with a white sheet, the lights are aimed directly on your body at your chakra levels. There is a sequencing of the lights as you lay there and rest… oddly enough, being healed and energized. Simultaneously, Lynn is quietly downloading and writing down all the information that the spirits are gifting her and she shares the details with me after the session is over. Again, not sure what to think of the light therapy other than it was soothing and I believed it was doing something great for me. Lynn was amazing and sweet and the channeled information was quite valuable and will definitely be utilized.

I came home early to take a nap, needing to rest up. Falling asleep quickly, I woke after an hour of really amazing dreams. To my surprise I was super energized and my throat was no longer sore or swollen. Let me repeat… a week of being sick and struggling with hardly being able to swallow…and after these sessions, I was 100% better. Cured if you will. I can’t attribute it to any one thing as I had two powerful days at the Healing Hut, but I do believe that the power of these healers and readers is amazing… being given knowledge and understanding of what and why (tarot, astrology, readings), aligning chakras with light and with energetic shifts, clearing negative thoughts and reprogramming stories can have a huge impact on one’s life. It did for me! There were so many other options to try out as well and I would have loved to try them all. I would encourage others to try something new, let the egoic mind go, trust that there may be something more powerful out there and trust that when people claim they have a gift, to try it. You may learn something, change something in your life, heal emotion or physical issues and have a better overall understanding of yourself.

Thank you to EVERYONE working at the Healing Hut…as your work is so profound and is an amazing gift. I will be back for more….

Written by : Jennifer MacNiven


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