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High Vibes at Jazz Cafe..

I still have in my ears the uplifting voice of Nahko singing «we are the ones that we’ve been waiting for…» and in my heart the strong beat of jumping up and down..!!

We had a great time last night at Jazz cafe.. and why not? The combination of beautiful music in a fancy and high quality place plus our good mood is ideal to rock the night out..

Everything started late afternoon with welcome drinks for everybody… People of all ages and styles from all over the world started gathering in order to share and exchange international vibes and enjoy international sounds.. It was interesting to look around and see well-dressed ladies speaking with happy hippies and children playing around local old people.. And all together moving rhythmically in the folk jazz & swing sounds of the Soul Doctors, a band coming from Glasgow… Their music from 60’s soul and remakes of Beatles songs till modern jazz could satisfy all ages and tastes.. Their playful attitude was spreading joy and smiles around, while the colorful cocktails and plates of Jazz cafe were satisfying the senses of the guests..

Already some people were dancing… when a “wild tribe of eclectic troubadours living their truths” took over. The spirited thump-hop storytelling Nahko and Medicine for the People changed the whole atmosphere. The tables were moved aside and everybody surrendered to the rhythm.. The band was rocking, the audience was jumping up and         down, singing all together prayers and mantras, unifying voices, bodies and minds in order to chant for a better world, a higher consciousness, a healing coming from inside out, from every single person to the world… The message of unity was clear, the intention of healing and spiritual uplifting even clearer!! Made us think that we are the medicine and we are the people, we are the gurus and the students, we are the ones to change ourselves here and now…

The night continued with people dancing in funky soul notes until the early morning hours.. One small sample of what will follow the nights of the Bali Spirit Festival that is already starting!!! We will enjoy more of Nahko and Medicine of the People on Sunday night at ARMA… will you miss it???

Written by: Dimitra Pappa


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