Bali Spirit Festival, Ubud Bali May 7-11th, 2025

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Highlights Day 4

The Day 4 of the 5th annual BaliSpirit Festival is behind us, and everyone is slowly starting to get high from the blissful experience. The most natural way to get high you could possibly imagine.

Feel the spirit and the rhythm of this celebration of yoga, dance and music via our BaliSpirit Festival Dailies. Here is the best of Day 4:

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  1. Twist, stretch, gather and dissolveyour energy rise up with the Lady Niguma Yoga series.
  2. “Whether it’s physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual – yoga has something for everyone, at every stage of life’s journey… Dimitra Pappa reflects upon Copper Crow” Universal Yoga session.
  3. Do you keep you yin and yang balanced? Ronan Tang’s workshop was focused on the importance on the inner balance and how it can be achieved.
  4. Crystal Meditation with AwaHoshi is a transformational kind of experience, so no wonder the session at the BaliSpirit Festival was totally packed. Hannah Cox managed to squeeze in.
  5. Bex Tyrer fell into the Mother Africa’s arms and wanted to stay there forever. African dance as the evolution of yoga.
  6. Did you know that Purnati has a massive swimming pool where you can cool down at any moment? Or bring in the therapeutical effect and let your body completely relax during a Watsu session.
  7. After 4 days full of yoga nourishment you can get high, but in the most natural way possible. Bex Tyrer did.
  8. Using the body and bamboo as percussive instruments; a unique performance called Kobagi Kecak mesmerised the audience last night.
  9. The yoga of the sound; use your voice to reach God.
  10. Alexis Lea Arvidso has discovered the BaliSpirit Festival’s overarching message: come face-to-face with our own nirvana.

During yesterday’s press conference, the key message of the Balispirit Festival was revealed and discussed by the top presenters: look inward and take responsibility for solving your own problems.

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