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In Good Company

Over the past few years I have read reports in the local media about this band – White Shoes And The Couples Company. (WSATCC)

Apparently the band has been voted by Yahoo! Music as the most blog-worthy band on the planet.

So it was with much anticipation that I positioned myself close to the ARMA One World stage on Saturday evening, all set and ready with my blog info antenna dialed up to full.

The WSATCC graced the crowd with a 40 minute set that paid homage to Indonesia’s classical folk and popular music of the 60’s and 70’s updated with a fusion of jazz and modern pop and even venturing into calypso. The band has now been together for 10 years and hails from the capital city of Indonesia – Jakarta.

Lovely lead singer Sari bounced around the stage with a teen spirit and her cool breezy vocals were an audio delight. Her snappy as well as cheesy dance moves and gay outfit equalled complete charm.

With buckets of charisma and helpings of fun this polished act was a playful as a kitten and I could understand why they have achieved such international success, particularly with the American college radio fans.

The band members were all decked out in hip outfits and, yes of course they were all wearing white shoes.

This bunch of spunky young pop aficionados are a funky fun goodtime!

White Shoes And The Couples Company. Image by Richard Horstman.

Written by : Richard Horstman


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