Bali Spirit Festival, Ubud Bali May 7-11th, 2025

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Inspiration ~ A Daily Practise

Late for the festival! But I am inspired!! In fact I am so inspired that I’ve stopped en route to the festival and am scribbling this blog down into my diary parked at the road side on a scruff of gravel-grass (yep, new word! I can do that now…I’m a Blogger!) Scooter between thighs, yoga mat & laptop strapped across torso, helmet thrust onto wing mirror, pen flying wildly across the page, I am all but oblivious to the serenade of curious passing motors and their horns!

Seize the moment!

At 7am this morning, Denise Payne, Power & Yin Yoga Presenter at this year’s Bali Spirit Festival, member of the Yoga Barn’s superb team of teachers & one hot yogi mama! arranged a photo shoot with Jim Campbell of OM Light Photography.

Despite my nervousness of the camera that captures & never lies (I have tummy rolls I’d rather I didn’t!), I seized the moment, ditched the festival & OM my goodness, it was an inspired choice! …What art!

Jim takes your yoga practise & translates it from something you do into a digital slice of who you are.

I never knew it was possible to look this beautiful, but as Jim says “ I never met a yogi who wasn’t! ”

All our power and radiance comes through in his Jim’s pictures. The shoot is a meditative, sacred experience. This man knows how to celebrate other human beings through a lens.

I strongly urge students & teachers alike to check out Om light or FaceBook OMLight, and drop Jim a line, let him celebrate your yoga.

Om! Jai! I am inspired!

Inspiration Part II!

Wow, wow, wow are you serious!?!

What is not to be inspired by at the Festival?

Dancing my way around the amphitheatre to Future Sounds of Yoga! Moving to the Afro-Cuban beats of Christina Monneron & Adrian Hearn’s journey through the playfully, empowering Dance of Elegua! Breathing in Danny Paradise’s message to step up to our personal responsibilities & use our voices as yogis to call for change, not only to call, but to be the change! The festival fills me with a sense of purpose and positivity.

Beaming faces, and bodies alive with movement, bounce past me in every direction, mats slung over shoulders, coconuts in hand. People laugh, connect, & move together, lapping up the nourishment of this phenomenal community event.

Inspiration! Be inspired!

Isn’t that part of our job as yogis, dancers and musicians? To inspire and be inspired?

…To inhale & have the expression of our individual lives pour out?

…To open our bodies, minds and hearts to that essence, that sense of wholeness, of divine goodness & truth that celebrates through us?

Isn’t that why we do this?

Isn’t that why we’re here? To create space through our asana, our bhakti, our song and dance, that our bodies are clear vessels for inspiration, beauty, clarity, compassion & truth!!

At it’s roots, the word ‘inspire‘ comes from the Latin word ‘inspirare’- to be breathed into- ‘to be filled with the urge or ability to do or feel something‘.

We share one breath! I am inspired!

Inspiration Part III

On Wednesday evening my best friend arrived home from the festival to the news of the loss of one of her closest people. Davide died young & determined to live. He battled cancer this past year, and, having followed his story through my friend, I am touched by his removal from our reality.

I contemplate of the loss of life so prevalent in our days at present, of those in New Zealand, in Japan, in our own community and I realise once again how precious every moment is.

In the shadow of all that has recently transpired I dedicate myself to a Daily Practise of finding the Inspiration in all that comes my way.

How could we waste a moment living less than fully, giving less than our all?

I am entirely grateful for this life we share.

The Spirit of this Festival is a gift.

Thank goodness there are 2 more days!

😉 Cathy

Written by : Catharine Anderson


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